New Client?

Hello and welcome to Tongue Twisters, Cape Town’s first Voice Over Agency. We represent a range of Voice Over talent, from accomplished actors to radio personalities. Our artists are skilled professionals with years of experience behind the microphone.


Our rates are calculated to allow the actors adequate compensation for using their professional services, as well as ensuring that you, the client, receive the fairest costing for your project. Some of our voice artists are also willing to negotiate their prices if the project is for an NGO or other non-profit organisation, or if it doesn’t fit easily into any of the commercial voice categories.

Please email for our latest rate card.

For the first time clients, here are some useful terms to understand before booking a voice

Performance fee – all Voice Actors are paid a performance fee for their time in studio reading a script, which is why you must be absolutely sure that the voice you have chosen is the right one. We do offer a free audition service where 2 versions of an excerpt of your script can be voice-noted, to ensure that the voice is the perfect match. For a short script (an advertisement of between 15 and 90 seconds) you will pay a commercial performance fee. For a longer script the voice is calculated in 5- minute increments, and the fee is a little larger.

Usage fee – once the voice has been approved by the client, you will be required to pay usage depending on where your project is going to ‘live” (ie, TV, Radio, Internet, Public location, Cinema, Mobile etc) and for how long it will be up. The longer that you want your voiced project up the more usage there will be, as the voice over artist is essentially working for you for a longer period of time.


Usually our clients approach us having already sourced their own studio – but if you are totally new to this and want us to handle that for you – we can! We can be as hands off as you need or as involved as you like. If you would like nothing more than to hand us a script and have your voice over delivered – no problem at all. We will just add a small admin fee onto any studio costs that we incur ensuring your project is professionally executed. You can to attend any of the recording sessions that are scheduled or if you can’t attend, then you are welcome to call in..