Tongue Twisters is the first specialist voice over agency in Cape Town. We represent a cross section of voice over talent, offering a range of styles, accents, and languages, both local and international. 

Our website is here to make your life easier. It is fully searchable, saving you time when you are looking for the right voices(s). You can also browse our voice over artists and all clips are fully downloadable should you wish to forward them on. If you are looking for just the right voice for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or contact directly.

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For aspiring voice artists – please see below:

Please do not submit a demo without reading the Frequently Asked Questions.

 If you would like join us as a voice artist – read our FAQ's below. 

Also understand that we have a high volume of applicants and we will only take those artists that have recorded a demo reel already. If you do not receive a reply to your submission then know it was unsuccessful. We only take on a select few each year, and our books are currently very full. 


Question: I want to be a Voice Over Artist! How do I go about it?

Answer: There is no one answer to that question, and the internet is full of helpful sites and resources to set you on your way. It involves much more than just having a good voice, you need to be able to sight-read excellently, have a flair for text interpretation and have some sense of your signature sound. Working with a vocal coach or a voice teacher will help you develop some of those skills but the real slog work must be done by you.

On our side, we won’t consider a voice artist until they have a demo reel recorded. There are many recording studios around that will happily help you put together a demo – but you need to come to the session prepared! Bring a selection of texts that will suit your voice, and make sure they are well rehearsed, again what you choose to record will depend on your signature sound and your commercial “hit”.

Question: I have a demo reel! Can I submit it to you?

Answer: You can. Email it to us right here. If you don’t hear from us, then please understand that your voice is not exactly what we are looking for right now and our books are very full at the moment. If you are serious about a career as a voice over artist then you will pursue as many avenues as you can, listen to other artists in the business and promote yourself on the multiple online platforms available to you. 


Want to hear what we have to offer?

We have put together a great collection of samples showcasing some of the great voice talent that we have on offer here at Tongue Twisters.

All you need to do is click on the link below!

Demo Reel
Hard Sell
Soft sell
2018 Reel
Pags aka Sipumziwe
Sipumziwe (Pags) Lucwaba is a Cape Town based voice artist, actor, improviser and entertainer. He graduated from UCT in 2010 with a degree in Film and Media, and it was there that he began working as a presenter at UCT radio. Soon afterwards he started working as a presenter at KFM and has worked there ever since. He also works as an MC and has hosted scores of events ranging from cooking activations at the Good Food and Wine Show to talent shows at the Grand Arena. As a VO artist he is much sought after, and has been featured in a number of campaigns, including Burger King, Travelstart and much more.
English Standard,
Hard Sell, Medium Sell, Straight, Bright, Deadpan, Character, Corporate,
Cape Town city
Promos reel
Heart FM promo
Al Postman
Al Postman is a biracial human, KFM presenter and MC in the Mother City, Cape Town. Out of his 8 years in the industry, Al spent 4 years in a Japanese rainforest to perfect his art of voice work. His style of presentation has been described by other humans as a warm, approachable, powerful and charming presence that almost tests the boundaries of your comfort. Al specializes in conversational, friendly and sometimes sarcastic tones with a hint of Ryan Seacrest. Also, the award-winning film, Gladiator, was loosely based on his life.
English Standard, Russian, Cape Flats, RP/ Posh English, African, US Southern,
Bright, Hard Sell, Medium Sell, Conversational,
Pick 'n Pay
Terry Norton
Terry Norton graduated from UCT in 1979 and has worked as an actress in film , theatre and TV since that time. Over the years she has won several Awards for theatre productions. Her latest film project was called Breathe , directed by Andy Serkis, where she worked opposite Andrew Garfield (Spiderman) and which was shot in August 2016. She loves voice work and does commercials, corporate and documentary films and dubbing, although she has a secret desire to work as animation characters, which would be a perfect marriage of her acting and voice skills.
American Standard, Australian, English Standard, RP/ Posh English, German, French, Russian, London, All of them,
Character, Conversational, Corporate, Narration, Hard Sell,
Hardsell Mweb
Character Mweb
Liqui Fruit
American accent
Langley Kirkwood
Langley was born in England, raised and trained in Johannesburg, and has worked as an actor and voice artist in Africa, the UK and the US. He divides his time between Cape Town and Los Angeles. See more of Langley's work and connections at: Langley Kirkwood
All of them,
Character, Conversational, Corporate, Narration, Hard Sell,