About us

 Tongue Twisters, the first specialist Voice agency in Cape Town, provides voice solutions for any conceivable request and for every medium, from radio and TV ads, to narration and animation work. Our aim is to work hands-on with clients to help them source the very best voice for their project. We also develop new voice artists to not only help them understand what is expected of them, but also provide them with the tools to deliver every time.

Tongue Twisters was thought up by Raph Kossew, a seasoned voice over artist with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Graduating with a BA in Theatre and Performance from UCT in 2001, Raph kept up with the voice work while following a career as a casting director. He became a partner in Traffik Studio, a casting studio specializing in film, television and performance based commercials. After spending a couple of years backpacking around the world, he decided to come home and bridge the gap between his 2 loves, voice overs and working with actors. Raph unfortunately left the company in November 2016, but his legacy lives on in our company ethos and in practice. 

Sarah Woodward joined Tongue Twisters in August 2016, after nearly nine years working as an academic at Wits University in Johannesburg. She has an MA in Voice (Theatrical) and has written about, taught and directed in voice-centric circles for most of her career. She developed the voice curriculum at Wits from 2008 to 2016, from the first year voice classes to the final year research projects. She has lectured courses in radio drama, developing small radio projects with her students, using principles of sonic spaces and binaural play, and has taught as a voice lecturer, dialect coach and voice and movement teacher. Tongue Twisters has offered her a new challenge, a way to discover the practical applications of the voice in a commercial setting. 

Contact us at info@tonguetwisters.co.za or sarah@tonguetwisters.co.za for any of your voice related projects. 


Want to hear what we have to offer?

We have put together a great collection of samples showcasing some of the great voice talent that we have on offer here at Tongue Twisters.

All you need to do is click on the link below!